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About us

Europejob − the interface between companies and candidates

  • EuropeJob is a personnel recruitment agency
    The members of our staff are very flexible and the languages they speak are German, English, Italian, Polish and Romanian
  • Europejob recruits staff in the European Union
    Starting from the center in Germany, using the most modern techniques of communication, our staff is active throughout Europe
  • Europejob is the heart of a European partners network
    By looking for people with good motivations at work, our staff from the central corporate headquarters takes advantage of a network of foreign partner offices.
  • Europejob owns a multi-year brokering experience
    Our multilingual staff has many years of experience in the placement of foreigners who speak German
  • Europejob studies, analyzes and evaluates personnel that is looking for work
    Our staff researches candidates, examines their suitability and manages the process of job application.